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Love for Dakota
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October 2006
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He's finally home and he's beautifully wonderful. With all the puppies running around, it wasn't easy but I finally chose RED. That was the ribbon he has been wearing since he was born. And when I went to meet the pups at 5 weeks old, RED captured my heart. So after 3 weeks of waiting I couldn't see myself picking any other puppy. The kicker is that when I held him, he instantly licked my face. So what are you gonna do but pick the pup that has picked you.

So we finished the paperwork and RED said his goodbyes... And so there I was RED became my DAKOTA ANDY!!! YIPPPEEEEE...

It's been a long 4 months and Dakota is finally home. So the ride home was long and we found ourselves with a snoring baby pup. Yeah... dogs snore. The ride went well and we stopped off at my parents for a visit. Dakota seemed to enjoy walking on solid ground. When we took off for the final destination Dakota was a bit uneasy. He zonked out.

Finally home... Dakota investigated the area and became quickly familiar with the lay of the new land. He's such a chill puppy and very curious. It was going really well but he wasn't hungry at all. And it finally became clear... He was car sick and fortunately he waited til we were on the deck before he shared his sickness with me. He hurled on the deck mat. Interesting...

As soon as that happened he seemed more lively and ready to play. So I took him to a grassy area and played with him. He was romping about and he seemed more at ease with his new circumstances.

When we got back in from playing, we rested for a bit and Dakota laid on the floor watching TV. Dakota made his way to the water bowl, but avoided the food bowl. I figured that he was still uneasy from the food regurgitation. Well he started sniffing around and found his way to the cedar area. He made potty in the cedar box. How cool was that.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet. He would sniff around, sleep, drink water, sleep... Sleep and then more sleep. He had a big day. A vet visit round up and then getting picked by me.... He's sleeping right now...

Oh yeah I put him in his crate while he was sleeping. Then he whimpered... And I was suckered in so I let him out. I thought he needed to go bathroom. I figured out that he just didn't know how he got there. Once I showed my face and let him out... He plopped down on the floor to sleep. I needed to put him back in his crate. He was fine with it. And I left him in there. He's really easy going. I think he just wanted to know where everyone was at...

It's awesome that Dakota Andy has come home...

More news and pics to comes soon.