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Love for Dakota
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October 2006
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First Full Day With Dakota

Hmmmm.... Maybe I should say that last night never ended. Dakota came home yesterday at around 5:30 pm. And he's chilling right now.

His first night was very momentous. He was definitely missing all his brothers and sisters and all of his extended family. Yup he was born to a litter of 10 from Brandy and Trace, but 5 days later Ruby gave birth to a litter of 9. I figure if a human got pulled out of the human race and plopped down into dogdom, he wouldn't be all too easy hanging out. He was really good to us but when alone time came around, he was definitely humming and murmuring and barking. Woooo weee what a night. I had to really work on putting him at ease in his crate. Interestingly enough, when he was whining he was on a mission to pee or drink water or eat. So I guess they were good whines. And he's totally into peeing into the cedar mulch.

Dakota is the bomb when it comes to being housetrained. We set up a little box area where cedar mulch is placed. It's just like the one that was set up at Tiffany's ranch. The litter was getting comfortable just depositing there. So we took up the idea at my house. And it totally works.

Dakota's crate is upstairs so we can get him comfortable with us and with it. Plus running up and down stairs would be a bit much. Fortunately he understands the cedar mulch. We've set up the box on the deck and we take a pee pad with the mulch up to the room. And when he needs to go, he finds the mulch. WOW... Seriously it's quite amazing how consistent he is.

Yesterday his tummy was bummed out and he didn't eat much. We were concerned but I've been feeding him kibble as his tummy permits. He seems to be enjoying that. Thank goodness he's taking in something.

Hmmmm... Here's just a few notes to the times that he got up...
Starting at about midnight, he would sleep in his crate well then about 2 and half hours he'd get up and about. By the time 7:15 rolled around he was up and about in his crate and so was I. So I took him downstairs and we chilled out together. He POOPED in the right place!!!! He POOPED in his box. YAY... I never thought I would be so happy about some doggie poopie... But heck, he's so good to go with that box. About 10 minutes later we zonked out on the living room floor til about 8:00. That's when I cooked some breakfast for myself.

Had to leave him alone for like 15 minutes and he was whining the whole time. He was freaked out. Next time I'll probably be bringing him along. That is until he gets used to the idea of being alone. It's way too early for him without his litter and without us.

When I got back I played with him a bit and gave him some food. He didn't eat it all, but he ate. Right now he's taking a nap.

Main concerns...
1) He threw up a little bit around 8:30 am.
2) Eating a quarter cup at 9:30 am... Should be eating more.
3) Really uneasy being alone... but that's understandable.

Well I'll be keeping an eye on him for sure. We're going to the vet tomorrow....


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