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Love for Dakota
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EW you might be saying... Awwww you might be saying. Yeah I was a bit worried. Well it's been a few days and it's clearing up well. Here's just a list of events of the past few days.

Sunday October 8 we went to our first Doggie Basic Training class. Even though he's 4 months old, they approved him for Basic instead of Puppy class. He does know a lot for how young he is. And if you have a treat he's definitely responsive. He had a blast and really stole the show. Aside from wanting to play with the other dog, he was well behaved and did everything we asked. Well the instructor gave us some Beef Natural Balance meat thing. Dakota loved it... A little too much. Well... having that he's never had it and we were in training. He took it in all too well...
Well later that night... He got a case of the runs. To the point where he was whimpering in his crate. And when I let him out... He'd go... But then a few minutes later he would have to go again... So I ended up having to sleep with him downstairs. At least he could go to the litter box... He seemed pretty bouncy even with the runs. I didn't have a clue until I remembered that he had never eaten that beef stuff before. So I thought it would clear up. And after heeding some advice we gave him pumpkin. That helped. Unfortunately we didn't know to only give him pumpkin. And so the kibble that I fed him made his tummy upset again.

Well when Monday came around I kept a keen eye on him... Unfortunately I didn't know about the "give him a bland diet" deal that means without kibble to him. So he ended up having the runs again. When we finally did figure out to just give him some simple stuff, his poopy wasn't as runny. But we made an appointment for him anyway. He is a pup and when his poop was like that it was very worrisome.

We were scheduled for the last round of shots anyway. So going in a couple days early was ok. Fortunately Dakota was feeling better by the time they saw him. But his poop was orange from the pumpkin... heheheh... He was able to get his shots. And we took some medicine home for him... So I hope he'll have a full recovery....

I love that pup...

Dakota is great and feisty. Yeah he's getting a bit more energized and enthusiastic when we play. Sometimes he makse s a little mistake of biting me, but I quickly correct him and stop the game.

He enjoys retrieving his toys and he even drops them in front of me so that I'll play with him. It's been totally fun having Dakota around. He of course then crashes on the floor. We bought him a snake.. .just a toy snake. We call him SSSSSteve and Dakota loves chewing his face. It was fun to watch him romp around with SSSSSteve because it's longer than Dakota.

Dakota's been testing our patience but fortunately I have some. He's cute, but once in a while he finds a way to nip me. Or he'll try to steal laundry and underwear. He's feeling more and more comfortable in pushing the buttons. It's a definite challenge but it works. I love Dakota...HE's awesome.

I started Deworming him yesterday and this morning. I'll be making an appointment for him soon. Boosters are in order.

Dakota is definitely a lounger. Looks a bit like a little leopard that I know. Actually it might just be because he's a puppy. It's cool with me. He's been really good. He consistently goes to the potty on his own. And any mistakes are really because of the humans in the room. Like when I forget to put the pad down or if I keep the sliding door closed.

Yesterday, I cut through the sliding screen and created a little gateway for him to the outside. It lets him out while minimizing on the flies. At first he didn't understand, but after pushing his paw through he got the hang of it. He's a smart little pup.

He really loves his blue and black soccer ball. It squeaks and he loves to chase it around. It's a lot softer than the other stuff, so he digs it. He loves his bull stick too.

I was with him all day on Sunday. Most of the time he was napping. He eats pretty regularly now. And he's getting used to car rides. He doesn't whine and whimper much at all.

Yesterday I tried to teach him to lay down from the sit position. Only problem is that he figured it out in two very different and funny ways. One, when I said sit he would go straight to lie down because he knew that is when he got his treat. I would throw the kibble so he would have to walk around and I could start again. When I didn't throw the kibble far enough, he would belly crawl to the kibble. It was the cutest thing to see a slithering polar bear rug move across the floor. He's adorable and a smart aleck. hhahaha I can only hope that he doesn't outsmart me.

He sits before he gets his dinner. He has pretty good manners. I just to catch him when he starts chewing on a slipper. And most of the time I catch him.

Last night was a good night of sleep for Dakota and me. He only whined when he needed to go to the bathroom. He and I have a pretty similar schedule. Good thing otherwise I would be exhausted. I got a chance to bring him downstairs before I went to workout. I set up the monitor and headed upstairs briefly. I didn't hear him whine, but when I got downstairs he was sitting at the stairs looking up.

It's kinda cool how he's learning to just wait instead of whine.

I can tell when he needs to go to the bathroom. He definitely starts sniffing, but funny thing is he circles around more if he needs to go number two. Wow I think this parenthood stuff is for real. If you keep an eye on them, you start understanding the nuances of their behavior.

So when I went to work Melissa set up the web cam for me to see Dakota. It was cool. At one point she left the room and he moved an inch. At another point, she left the room and he disappeared. I had to call her via cell phone to let him know. I think it would be cool if I could set up some more permanent web cams just to keep an eye on him even if I'm upstairs or away from the house.

For the most part he can keep himself pretty entertained. But he definitely enjoys having someone around even if he's just sleeping.

Coolio... Until tomorrow...

Yesterday we took Dakota for his first visit to the vet. He was really calm and everyone adored him. Yeah he's a good looking dog. The moment we stepped in, Dakota was requested for petting and hugging. The clinic is cool. I was referred to the Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic by Patricia Hoekman (Trisha). And Dr. Benita Keiss was Dakota's attending vet. She's really cool and it's definitely a plus that she has labs of her own. That definitely puts your mind at ease. A couple of key points that we went over:
1. Beautiful healthy Dakota
2. Advantage for a month
3. Dewormer in 2 weeks. Put on food that Dakota will eat up quickly.
4. Booster shot appointments around August 31
5. Grooming tips... Handle the paws, teeth, body and ears.
Overall it was a good experience for everyone. Oh yeah some funny friends we bumped into... There was a lab named Czonka, named after Larry Czonka football player. It was almost like seeing my future. Czonka is a 4 year old male yellow lab. And he was intrigued by Dakota. Dakota wanted to play with him, but when Czonka approached Dakota backed up a bit. It was a cute encounter. There was a Lassie look alike.

Oh yeah on the car ride to the vet, it was the first time we used the travel kennel in the car. We tied it down really well, but Dakota hated it. Whine whine whine... no cheese just lots of whining. He really didn't settle down for a long time. And the time he settled it was more that he was sleeping.

We met up with Moe and Lani at the house. And we all just played with Dakota. We managed a quick visit to the beach. They let dogs at La Jolla Shores after 6pm. Fortunately there weren't any other dogs around. So we stepped on to the sand and the grass areas of the beach. Funny thing happened while we were walking. If people passed us without saying HI to Dakota he would be really sad and start crying. It was like he wanted the attention from anyone and everyone that passed by. A few nice folks did stop to say what's up and he was really enjoying the attention. It's a really cool thing to meet people via dog. You come to see that there are a lot of cool people in the world.

Well after a beach walk, we got home. After all the running around and adjusting, we decided to give Dakota an intro bath. Fortunately we have a cool shower head that comes off the hook. And it was really easy to bathe him. We slowly introduced water by palming it in our hands and washing it over Dakota. He's so cute. He seemed a bit hesitant but started to feel more at ease. We shampooed him. Success... that was a pretty ok experience. We towel dried and hair dryed him. He found the hair dryer to be a source of play. He didn't like it at first. And you ask how I might know... Check the scratches on my shoulder. Oooh boy he dug in. It's all good, he finally became more comfortable with the air.

So after his bath, he was romping around and feeling all fresh and hyper. As expected of a newly bathed dog... Unfortunately all the excitations did assist in an accident. Just got to know to direct him to the potty area when he gets a bit hyper. No big thing... Just something to learn.

Finally when all things were dying down, we settled him into his crate. We re-arranged the place to keep the noise down, trying to create a noise barrier to the outside world. We also managed to move the crate close enough to the bed where I could let Dakota know that we weren't far away. He seemed to appreciate the move and the night was a bit more restful. Thank goodness....

I woke up this morning at 6:30 to let him out to potty. I fed him. Then we played for a bit in the house. I took Dakota to a grassy area to play and romp and brought him back in by 7:30 or so. He chilled for a while. He really digs the Bully Sticks. And I used that as a tool in training him to sit. By using the Bully stick as his treat, he was really attentive to reacting to the clicker. It was a short session. After I let him play by himself with the Bully stick for 15 minutes. He proceeded to take a nap... And now he's just chilling.

Til tomorrow.

Dakota is so cool. He's a chill dog and loves to cuddle. He loves meeting new people. He's playing with his toys and sleeps a lot. He's eating better than yesterday. He gets to chill in the house, but then we get to go to the little park. The cool thing about my community is that there is a huge park to play at. Seriously huge. And no one really goes out there too much. So it's a good place to let Dakota play more freely. He loves his squeaky toys. He's already said hi to a few of my neighbors. They all think he's beautiful. And he is.

Crate training definitely keeps you up at night, but he's already very good with the potty training. I just need to keep the top dog status in the house so he won't get an attitude. He is really good about avoiding the biting when we're playing. That's really good. I got totally lucky with alot of the initial training. For one, the breeder did a good job socializing and doing basic training. Then I've read a lot. So I'm looking forward to getting started with training him more specific things.

We're going to the vet today and we'll see how that goes. Dakota seems pretty good to go.

Well even with a lack of sleep I'm totally happy with my puppy. He's sooooooooo awesome and beautiful and cuddly. OK OK... I'll be back soon with vet highlights.

Hmmmm.... Maybe I should say that last night never ended. Dakota came home yesterday at around 5:30 pm. And he's chilling right now.

His first night was very momentous. He was definitely missing all his brothers and sisters and all of his extended family. Yup he was born to a litter of 10 from Brandy and Trace, but 5 days later Ruby gave birth to a litter of 9. I figure if a human got pulled out of the human race and plopped down into dogdom, he wouldn't be all too easy hanging out. He was really good to us but when alone time came around, he was definitely humming and murmuring and barking. Woooo weee what a night. I had to really work on putting him at ease in his crate. Interestingly enough, when he was whining he was on a mission to pee or drink water or eat. So I guess they were good whines. And he's totally into peeing into the cedar mulch.

Dakota is the bomb when it comes to being housetrained. We set up a little box area where cedar mulch is placed. It's just like the one that was set up at Tiffany's ranch. The litter was getting comfortable just depositing there. So we took up the idea at my house. And it totally works.

Dakota's crate is upstairs so we can get him comfortable with us and with it. Plus running up and down stairs would be a bit much. Fortunately he understands the cedar mulch. We've set up the box on the deck and we take a pee pad with the mulch up to the room. And when he needs to go, he finds the mulch. WOW... Seriously it's quite amazing how consistent he is.

Yesterday his tummy was bummed out and he didn't eat much. We were concerned but I've been feeding him kibble as his tummy permits. He seems to be enjoying that. Thank goodness he's taking in something.

Hmmmm... Here's just a few notes to the times that he got up...
Starting at about midnight, he would sleep in his crate well then about 2 and half hours he'd get up and about. By the time 7:15 rolled around he was up and about in his crate and so was I. So I took him downstairs and we chilled out together. He POOPED in the right place!!!! He POOPED in his box. YAY... I never thought I would be so happy about some doggie poopie... But heck, he's so good to go with that box. About 10 minutes later we zonked out on the living room floor til about 8:00. That's when I cooked some breakfast for myself.

Had to leave him alone for like 15 minutes and he was whining the whole time. He was freaked out. Next time I'll probably be bringing him along. That is until he gets used to the idea of being alone. It's way too early for him without his litter and without us.

When I got back I played with him a bit and gave him some food. He didn't eat it all, but he ate. Right now he's taking a nap.

Main concerns...
1) He threw up a little bit around 8:30 am.
2) Eating a quarter cup at 9:30 am... Should be eating more.
3) Really uneasy being alone... but that's understandable.

Well I'll be keeping an eye on him for sure. We're going to the vet tomorrow....


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He's finally home and he's beautifully wonderful. With all the puppies running around, it wasn't easy but I finally chose RED. That was the ribbon he has been wearing since he was born. And when I went to meet the pups at 5 weeks old, RED captured my heart. So after 3 weeks of waiting I couldn't see myself picking any other puppy. The kicker is that when I held him, he instantly licked my face. So what are you gonna do but pick the pup that has picked you.

So we finished the paperwork and RED said his goodbyes... And so there I was RED became my DAKOTA ANDY!!! YIPPPEEEEE...

It's been a long 4 months and Dakota is finally home. So the ride home was long and we found ourselves with a snoring baby pup. Yeah... dogs snore. The ride went well and we stopped off at my parents for a visit. Dakota seemed to enjoy walking on solid ground. When we took off for the final destination Dakota was a bit uneasy. He zonked out.

Finally home... Dakota investigated the area and became quickly familiar with the lay of the new land. He's such a chill puppy and very curious. It was going really well but he wasn't hungry at all. And it finally became clear... He was car sick and fortunately he waited til we were on the deck before he shared his sickness with me. He hurled on the deck mat. Interesting...

As soon as that happened he seemed more lively and ready to play. So I took him to a grassy area and played with him. He was romping about and he seemed more at ease with his new circumstances.

When we got back in from playing, we rested for a bit and Dakota laid on the floor watching TV. Dakota made his way to the water bowl, but avoided the food bowl. I figured that he was still uneasy from the food regurgitation. Well he started sniffing around and found his way to the cedar area. He made potty in the cedar box. How cool was that.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet. He would sniff around, sleep, drink water, sleep... Sleep and then more sleep. He had a big day. A vet visit round up and then getting picked by me.... He's sleeping right now...

Oh yeah I put him in his crate while he was sleeping. Then he whimpered... And I was suckered in so I let him out. I thought he needed to go bathroom. I figured out that he just didn't know how he got there. Once I showed my face and let him out... He plopped down on the floor to sleep. I needed to put him back in his crate. He was fine with it. And I left him in there. He's really easy going. I think he just wanted to know where everyone was at...

It's awesome that Dakota Andy has come home...

More news and pics to comes soon.

23 hours 17 minutes and counting down....

Dakota Andy is just waiting for me to pick him up. By tomorrow night I will have the pleasure of having a yellow lab in my life.

Come Home Come Soon Come Quickly


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    Violet [userpic]

    Dakota Andy was born on June 22, 2006 and is coming home in almost one week and five days! I assume after that this will get updated more. But as of now, everything is almost ready for his arrival.

    He's got a personalized (by yours truly) air tight dog food container, a grow-with-me crate, 40 lbs. of Eukanuba puppy large breed food, a Kong, some Orka's, and a variety of tennis balls. Plus the almost required obnoxious ball that's so squeaky you want to throw out the window and snuggly little man shaped fuzzy thing.

    All he still needs is a dog house, exercise pen, and some cedar chips for his lovingly built (well in the process) pooing place.

    He's coming from Descanso, from Cedar Ranch Labradors.

    I love him already.

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