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Love for Dakota
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October 2006
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Yesterday we took Dakota for his first visit to the vet. He was really calm and everyone adored him. Yeah he's a good looking dog. The moment we stepped in, Dakota was requested for petting and hugging. The clinic is cool. I was referred to the Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic by Patricia Hoekman (Trisha). And Dr. Benita Keiss was Dakota's attending vet. She's really cool and it's definitely a plus that she has labs of her own. That definitely puts your mind at ease. A couple of key points that we went over:
1. Beautiful healthy Dakota
2. Advantage for a month
3. Dewormer in 2 weeks. Put on food that Dakota will eat up quickly.
4. Booster shot appointments around August 31
5. Grooming tips... Handle the paws, teeth, body and ears.
Overall it was a good experience for everyone. Oh yeah some funny friends we bumped into... There was a lab named Czonka, named after Larry Czonka football player. It was almost like seeing my future. Czonka is a 4 year old male yellow lab. And he was intrigued by Dakota. Dakota wanted to play with him, but when Czonka approached Dakota backed up a bit. It was a cute encounter. There was a Lassie look alike.

Oh yeah on the car ride to the vet, it was the first time we used the travel kennel in the car. We tied it down really well, but Dakota hated it. Whine whine whine... no cheese just lots of whining. He really didn't settle down for a long time. And the time he settled it was more that he was sleeping.

We met up with Moe and Lani at the house. And we all just played with Dakota. We managed a quick visit to the beach. They let dogs at La Jolla Shores after 6pm. Fortunately there weren't any other dogs around. So we stepped on to the sand and the grass areas of the beach. Funny thing happened while we were walking. If people passed us without saying HI to Dakota he would be really sad and start crying. It was like he wanted the attention from anyone and everyone that passed by. A few nice folks did stop to say what's up and he was really enjoying the attention. It's a really cool thing to meet people via dog. You come to see that there are a lot of cool people in the world.

Well after a beach walk, we got home. After all the running around and adjusting, we decided to give Dakota an intro bath. Fortunately we have a cool shower head that comes off the hook. And it was really easy to bathe him. We slowly introduced water by palming it in our hands and washing it over Dakota. He's so cute. He seemed a bit hesitant but started to feel more at ease. We shampooed him. Success... that was a pretty ok experience. We towel dried and hair dryed him. He found the hair dryer to be a source of play. He didn't like it at first. And you ask how I might know... Check the scratches on my shoulder. Oooh boy he dug in. It's all good, he finally became more comfortable with the air.

So after his bath, he was romping around and feeling all fresh and hyper. As expected of a newly bathed dog... Unfortunately all the excitations did assist in an accident. Just got to know to direct him to the potty area when he gets a bit hyper. No big thing... Just something to learn.

Finally when all things were dying down, we settled him into his crate. We re-arranged the place to keep the noise down, trying to create a noise barrier to the outside world. We also managed to move the crate close enough to the bed where I could let Dakota know that we weren't far away. He seemed to appreciate the move and the night was a bit more restful. Thank goodness....

I woke up this morning at 6:30 to let him out to potty. I fed him. Then we played for a bit in the house. I took Dakota to a grassy area to play and romp and brought him back in by 7:30 or so. He chilled for a while. He really digs the Bully Sticks. And I used that as a tool in training him to sit. By using the Bully stick as his treat, he was really attentive to reacting to the clicker. It was a short session. After I let him play by himself with the Bully stick for 15 minutes. He proceeded to take a nap... And now he's just chilling.

Til tomorrow.