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Love for Dakota
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October 2006
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Feisty Dakota

Dakota is great and feisty. Yeah he's getting a bit more energized and enthusiastic when we play. Sometimes he makse s a little mistake of biting me, but I quickly correct him and stop the game.

He enjoys retrieving his toys and he even drops them in front of me so that I'll play with him. It's been totally fun having Dakota around. He of course then crashes on the floor. We bought him a snake.. .just a toy snake. We call him SSSSSteve and Dakota loves chewing his face. It was fun to watch him romp around with SSSSSteve because it's longer than Dakota.

Dakota's been testing our patience but fortunately I have some. He's cute, but once in a while he finds a way to nip me. Or he'll try to steal laundry and underwear. He's feeling more and more comfortable in pushing the buttons. It's a definite challenge but it works. I love Dakota...HE's awesome.

I started Deworming him yesterday and this morning. I'll be making an appointment for him soon. Boosters are in order.