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Love for Dakota
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October 2006
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Dakota's Diahrrea

EW you might be saying... Awwww you might be saying. Yeah I was a bit worried. Well it's been a few days and it's clearing up well. Here's just a list of events of the past few days.

Sunday October 8 we went to our first Doggie Basic Training class. Even though he's 4 months old, they approved him for Basic instead of Puppy class. He does know a lot for how young he is. And if you have a treat he's definitely responsive. He had a blast and really stole the show. Aside from wanting to play with the other dog, he was well behaved and did everything we asked. Well the instructor gave us some Beef Natural Balance meat thing. Dakota loved it... A little too much. Well... having that he's never had it and we were in training. He took it in all too well...
Well later that night... He got a case of the runs. To the point where he was whimpering in his crate. And when I let him out... He'd go... But then a few minutes later he would have to go again... So I ended up having to sleep with him downstairs. At least he could go to the litter box... He seemed pretty bouncy even with the runs. I didn't have a clue until I remembered that he had never eaten that beef stuff before. So I thought it would clear up. And after heeding some advice we gave him pumpkin. That helped. Unfortunately we didn't know to only give him pumpkin. And so the kibble that I fed him made his tummy upset again.

Well when Monday came around I kept a keen eye on him... Unfortunately I didn't know about the "give him a bland diet" deal that means without kibble to him. So he ended up having the runs again. When we finally did figure out to just give him some simple stuff, his poopy wasn't as runny. But we made an appointment for him anyway. He is a pup and when his poop was like that it was very worrisome.

We were scheduled for the last round of shots anyway. So going in a couple days early was ok. Fortunately Dakota was feeling better by the time they saw him. But his poop was orange from the pumpkin... heheheh... He was able to get his shots. And we took some medicine home for him... So I hope he'll have a full recovery....

I love that pup...

Re: Good to here your stories

That's cool!!!! Dakota is now almost 8 months. And he is beautiful. He's smart and an awesome pup, but he's a big pup. He has the body of a big dog, but the mind and soul of a baby. So he gets a bit excited with any new experiences. He loves people and other dogs. And sometimes he just doesn't know his size. Like he plays with the big boys and the little dudes. It's cute, but sometimes I just think "Ya big oaf!" heheheheheh I love him to death. And I was extremely happy to have gone with Cedar Ranch. They seem like a good family and all their dogs seem really happy. Dakota turned out great. Good luck and maybe we'll bump into you at a dog park soon!!!