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Love for Dakota
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October 2006
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Violet [userpic]
Here comes puppy!

Dakota Andy was born on June 22, 2006 and is coming home in almost one week and five days! I assume after that this will get updated more. But as of now, everything is almost ready for his arrival.

He's got a personalized (by yours truly) air tight dog food container, a grow-with-me crate, 40 lbs. of Eukanuba puppy large breed food, a Kong, some Orka's, and a variety of tennis balls. Plus the almost required obnoxious ball that's so squeaky you want to throw out the window and snuggly little man shaped fuzzy thing.

All he still needs is a dog house, exercise pen, and some cedar chips for his lovingly built (well in the process) pooing place.

He's coming from Descanso, from Cedar Ranch Labradors.

I love him already.

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hehehehehehehe... It's a Lanrodor Retriever... Funny Funny...

Re: Lanrodors

Oh aren't you just sooooo funny. Don't hate just because I can't spell.